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    Nature of the Slayers

    July 28, 2014 by Onic14

    I was thinking about the nature of the Slayers. Dragon Slayer Magic’s primary purpose is changing the body of the user into that of a Dragon, thus allowing them to use Dragon Magic. Doesn't all Slayer Magic work on this principle?

    For instance, God Slayer Magic would change some of the user’s physiognomy to match a God’s, thus making the user a sort of demy-god, and allowing them to use God magic. To support this theory, you may have noticed that Zancrow, the Flame God Slayer, has red ringed eyes and sharp canines. These changes could be a result of the God Slayer Magic he uses. The ringed eyes could be the God Slayer's version of a Dragon Slayer's slit pupils.

    The other two God Slayers, Chelia Blendy and Orga Nanagear don’t have these trait…

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