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The Fairy Tail wiki is a fun and loving place where anyone who wishes to contribute to our articles can do so easily. Understanding that editing is not exactly the easiest thing one can do right off the bat, the "Guilds" have been created to help you along the way. There are various Guilds that may or may not suit your fancy. Check them out and join them.
FTWiki Teams
The "Teams" on the Fairy Tail wiki run similar to how the Guilds work. However, they do require a lot more attention as the work done by the teams is something which is meant to be done quickly. From the enjoyable summarizing to the exhilarating coding works, you are sure to find a team that is right for you. Check them out and join them.

If you need any help with anything, just ask the Administrators and the members of the Policy & Standards Council ; they will be more than willing to help you out. Please read over our policies so that you can have a fun time without someone having to confront you for little and unneeded things such as edit wars. One last thing. Don't tell anyone your age unless you're above 13.

Hello Fairy Tail Wiki~ I'm here with another random blog that will collect everyone's opinion. ( .__.)/ Also, if you may have noticed, I've been off Wiki for a few days. Worry not, it's just that I moved recently and my internet is not working properly. Anyway, as I sat here in class waiting for my professor to arrive, I thought why not make a blog...right?

I have been talking to Reli and Umnei about the other Mages, where they may be or what they could be doing or were doing during the time skip. At first, Umnei dissed me when I said, "Well, they need to join a guild to get jobs and earn a living/money." But alas, Wendy proved me right. So, who do you think entered another guild or, like Lucy, what new abilities do you expect to see? Who joined Saber, MH, BP, or made a guild of their own! Btw, I don't think Natsu will one-shot Bluenote. If you take a closer look at Natsu's face, he's showing signs of tiredness? Maybe it was the run, but whatever. :D

Comment away!!! P.s. The new preview thing is not exactly working nicely for me...

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