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Cover 377

Early yet again! ...Okay, maybe not so early. Earlier than Rai at least. ( ._.)

Are You Happy Doranbolt Was The One Who Saved Wendy?

The poll was created at 14:24 on March 28, 2014, and so far 136 people voted.

Reminders: Make sure to watch the Black Bullet Anime set to premiere April 8, 2014!
The Fairy Tail Anime returns April 5, 2014!

Predictor Prediction Was I right? Manga
Alekos23 Lisanna uses a new Animal Soul. No Fairy Tail
Woest Franmalth will be shocked when he finds out Face failed. Yes Fairy Tail
Woest Doranbolt will be shown. No Fairy Tail
Woest More on Gray vs Bandit Keith. No Fairy Tail
Woest The Sage of Six Paths will be shown. Yes Naruto
Woest Flashbacks. Yes Naruto
Woest Naruto will regain consciousness. No Naruto
Nick Franmalth will hesitate when he realizes that Face didn't go off. No Fairy Tail
Nick Seeing this opening in his defense, Lucy will finally attack him. No Fairy Tail
Nick Doranbolt will teleport over to where Crime Sorciere and former Oracion Seis are, carrying Wendy and Carla with him. No Fairy Tail
Nick At the end of the chapter, Naruto will still be in this place of thoughts. Yes Naruto
Nick We still won't see Guy's death. Yes Naruto
Nick Yachiru will resume fighting the Imagination Sternritter. No Bleach
Nick Zaraki will complain about her entering his fight, but Yachiru will rebut that it was her fight to begin with and it was Ken-chan who interfered first. No Bleach
Jcsv006 E.N.D. will not appear next chapter. Yes Fairy Tail
Jcsv006 A massive revolt will engulf Dressrosa. Yes One Piece
Jcsv006 Still no story about the Strawhats aboard Sunny. Yes One Piece
FairyTeller Natsu will beat the crap out of Franmalth. Yes Fairy Tail
FairyTeller Doranbolt will take Wendy and Carla to a safe place. No Fairy Tail
FairyTeller More info about END will be shown. No Fairy Tail
FairyTeller Naruto will gain the Rinnegan after his Resurrection. No Naruto
FairyTeller Guy will die. No Naruto END will appear at last. No Fairy Tail Elfman will appear during the Gray and Keith fight. No Fairy Tail Lisanna owns Lamy. No Fairy Tail
Jexithehunter We will see more of Natsu's fight with Franmalth. Yes Fairy Tail
Jexithehunter The toys will return to human form. Yes One Piece
Jexithehunter Rebecca will eat the Mera Mera no Mi No One Piece
Jexithehunter We will see more on Zoro's fight with Pica. Yes One Piece
Rednuht19 The Other Nine Demon Gates currently not fighting will be shown doing some kind of ritual. No Fairy Tail
Rednuht19 Zeref will be mentioned. No Fairy Tail
Rednuht19 Wendy and Carla wake up and surprised to find that they're alive. No Fairy Tail The destruction of Face will immediately trigger a back-up plan/secondary objective. Yes Fairy Tail
Seekmsn Sage talks to naruto about his past, his mother, brother's and his sons past. Yes Naruto
Seekmsn Naruto questions how he's Ashura's reincarnation. No Naruto
Seekmsn So6 paths confirms Madara is Indra's reincarnation. No Naruto
Seekmsn Kenpachi vs V continues. Yes Bleach
Seekmsn Kenpachi mocks how he's stepped back since they fought, to which V uses Volstandig. No Bleach
Seekmsn Kenpachi recalls his last moments with Unohana and goes Shikai. No Bleach
Seekmsn All toys are back to normal. Yes One Piece
Seekmsn Kyros goes to attack doflamingo. Yes One Piece
Seekmsn Rebecca regains her moxy and goes with barto to beat diamante. No One Piece
Seekmsn END is seen in a silhouette in his chambers. No Fairy Tail
CNBA3 E.N.D will do some sort of monologue beginning. No Fairy Tail
CNBA3 We will see new character development with Igneel. Yes Fairy Tail
HominiLupus Gremmy will talk more about his ability. Yes Bleach
HominiLupus Kenpachi will remove his eyepatch. No Bleach
HominiLupus Kurama will be shown. Yes Naruto
HominiLupus Sasuke will be shown. Yes Naruto
HominiLupus Sakura and Obito will try to wake Naruto up. No Naruto
RasElasedBorealis Silver interferes in the Gray vs. Keith fight. No Fairy Tail
RasElasedBorealis After noticing Wendy stopped face, Lucy tells Natsu to get lost. No Fairy Tail
RasElasedBorealis Lucy summons Capricorn. No Fairy Tail
RasElasedBorealis Kenpachi defeats Thoumeaux. No Bleach
RasElasedBorealis Kenpachi won't use shikai nor bankai. Yes Bleach
RasElasedBorealis Kenpachi comments on how weak Thoumeaux was. No Bleach
Pale23 Lisanna vs Lamy. No Fairy Tail
Pale23 New arc a little "flashback." No Toriko
SilverShock Jackal appears. No Fairy Tail
SilverShock Lucy rejoins the battle Yes Fairy Tail
SilverShock Doranbolt will explain how he was able to save Wendy and Carla. No Fairy Tail
JenniferPasha CS finally appears. No Fairy Tail
JenniferPasha Doranbalt fights Jackal. No Fairy Tail
JenniferPasha Doranbalt fights Tempesta. No Fairy Tail
BlackWizardZeref Sayla continues to throw books. No Fairy Tail
Mook13 Usopp will pretend that he use a Haoshoku Haki on sugar. No One Piece

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