The War is Officially Over!

Grimoire Law
Victory in the name of Darkness!!

Team Megaherme
Team Megaherme Members

If you have a difficult job that needs to be done, don't hesistate to contact Team Megaherme! The Fairy Tail Wiki's first ever official Team!

Team Megaherme will carry out any request you have for them. Just go here and leave a message detailing your request and it will be completed as soon as possible.

  • All requests must be signed with four "~" tildes (three "~" if you have a custom signature)
  • Requests must not be a job found at any of the Wiki's Guilds
  • Please give time for the requests to be completed
  • Remember to stay civil

You guys please keep in mind that this is just another fun Fairy Tail Blog So dont be afraid to cast you Vote .
As many of us know, the Nick-name war was first started by Rai Also know as the God of the site. Nobody was brave enough to challenge this mighty king. The king enjoyed giving new users Nicknames, But one day a fellow know as Ncf came to the Wiki. With his brother's lack of imagination he acquired the name of Ncf. the king targeted this new user and decided to give him terrible nicknames:

  • Fugly

Ncf saw this as a challenge and gave the King a new nickname:

  • Shrimp

This soon Became a fight between Guilds, as mages from others guilds joined.


Grimoire Law Wendy Creditless Ending Laxus Fairy Law
Darkness No Side Light
Notable Participants
IamJakuhoRaikoben Relikz
Garyness Gildart Clive's Avatar
Kamina wallpaper Freed and girls
Fairy Tail's Natsu and Gray Erza arrives with her horn
Angry Zeref Clothe Erza
Erza on FP 1 Zeref wektor
Notable Nonparticipants
Chaos Herme
Twin Dragon Making A Scene Natsu attacks Zero
TheCarrotSaysYumYum Lightning Empress Armor
Gajeel after Natsu's breath attack Zeref's Deadly Stare
Gray saving Juvia Sting Eucliffe Chibi
Fairy Tail Laxus Scary Scanlated Picture
Notable Participants
Reitei Erza on FP 1
Angry Erza ImagesCAUB2EP6
Aquarius Close up Zeref Telling Hades to Repent
Jellal during his enslavement in the Tower

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