Mega's W

Hey there <insert name here>, Welcome to my work blog.
This is where I will post what happened during work.

When I say "walking..."

Lucy Runs...


I got up at 7:00 Am in the morning, took a bath, shaved, walked my dog, and made something to eat. I got ready to head to the bus stop. However, I noticed that the paper that got mailed to my house, saying I got accepted, listed a few things I would need for the first day. I had to call my mom, who was working, and she said "I dunno." Luckily, I found what was listed... under my bed. I opened the door that leads outside. Whilst I was walking, I saw many...things. I got to the bus stop and that's where things got...creepy. A lady came up to me and said "Oh Lord." I got scared cus it has been ages since I've been to church. But then I noticed that the lady wasn't talking to me, she was talking on the phone. When the bus arrived, this greedy whore was acting bitchy!!!, all she kept on saying, the whole way there, was; "Don't touch me," "Don't get close to me." and then started speaking Jamaican (I have some Jamaican friends, and it sounded like it.). The bus driver told her to shut up or get out. She stopped talking for a bit, then she started again...the whole way there it was, like, 5 minutes of peace and then 5 minutes of hell!!! And every time someone walked by her, to find a seat, she moved her body away from the person and made this ugly ass face >.> I got off the bus and started walking down the hill (Not really a hill, but whatever..) I got there. Then the lady said to me "You have to go down to the "classified" and give them some info. Nothing major happened so I'll skip that part...and cus I don't want to share some stuff with you stalkers...*Glares at the wiki* When we got back (We= The 6 students that got hired for the job) we started working. NO HOT CHICKSCry (I HATE U Osuras *Glares*) We did some cleaning up and breaking boxes. Then it was time for lunch. I went down to a nearby pizzeria and got a five dollar special...cus that was all the money I had...When I came back, with ma pizza, I found out that the lady, my boss, and I have the same last name, "classified". Because of that, I thought she would treat me more special than the others and give me more money than what she would give the 5 other students. Well, she does treat me nicer. So lets wait till that paycheck gets here ;). Then we did some more work. We cleaned the storage, broke some stuff, you know, the usual "things" you do the first day of work... I think. Then it was time to go home. I walked...I didn't want to meet that la-WHORE!! again. While walking, I saw my ex O_O I decided that the best thing to do was throw myself into a bush....Long Story...I kept walking and saw an ice cream truck, Yummy, but then I remembered that I wasted all of my money on a freaking Pizza *Rips off hair* *Grows back hair, like this:....I can't find a, whatever*..A few mins later, I got home, turned on the A/C, made some food, Made love to Kagura, got ready to beg SOMEONE!!!!!! to show me that GAME LUCY PIC!!! I mean seriously, you show THIS!!! THING photos of Jellal!! WHy can't you show me LucySad , and now I'm writing this :D.

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