Whoring around


Hey guys! Guess who's back from his vacation? I know you guys are fucking happ-

*Crosses arms and gives Mega a glare that, if looks could kill, he would be dead.*
Hello, my dear.

Hun! I was so worried about you! There was not a day I would not stop thinking about you whilst enjoying myself over at the Dominican Republic.

Oh, I see. Very well. Did you by any chance...look at another girl?
*Picks up nearby knife*

I would never! T^T

*Swings knife towards Mega's direction*
WHORE! just like your father!

Who da fuck talkin' 'bout me?

I got Umnei drunk last week, and he told me everything!

Oh boy. ( ._.) Well...
*Gives uncle Reli the signal to capture Carry and put her to sleep*

*Fires sleeping Magic, in the form of a gun bullet, towards Carry*
Fiyahhh!!! @_@

*Turns head around and captures bullet with her teeth*

Carry!!! :D

*Chases both Mega and Reli around with a stick*
BITCHES! Get your asses back here!

Several days later...


So as you all know, our bro Mega was brutally abused a few days back by his angry wife, Ms. Carrot. We believe that he is dead, and probably wishing Umnei were too. Anyway...anyone up for some tacos? ( .___.)

I'll bring the popcorn. Yes. Popcorn must be included.

But it's taco nigh-

Logo Fairy Tail left

*Everyone begins to run away* D:

...From a distance, a scream can be heard. The Fairy Tail wikians rush towards the scream. Only to be greeted by...


Don't you kill me just yet, bitches! :D

*Grabs gun and shoots Mega. Looks at wikians*
Problem? O_@

*Slaps Mirajane's ass*
MINE! @_@

Tun Tun Tun


Hello everyone! :D It's me, Umnei! And I'm here to bring to you a big news! Mega and I...are in the same country! :D Who wants me to go rape him?? :D
Logo Fairy Tail left

I do! ಠ◡ಠ

Enough with the whoring! ಠ_ಠ
Choko avi

Mega-Chan! Where are my souvenirs! :<

They're coming, they're coming. >_>

Blah Blah

Before I bore you guys to death, I want to share with you my experience in Dominican R. Now, it's been over 7 years since I last went, so I have lots to share.

The Good & The Bad

Dominican Republic has a lot of good things, and few bad things. The good things about DR are as follow.

People: When you step out of that plane, your whole family is waiting there for you to come out, and the ones that are not present are home cooking for you. Trust me when I say: You'll see your entire family in less than two days. The people there are really nice and amazingly sexy.

Places: It is a specious country, and it is home to many awesome places.


Since I don't want to write a documentary, I'll just tell you guys what I did while over there.

I arrived at 12-1 AM in the morning, so it was impossible for me to take pictures of my "arrival." Whilst on the plane I was able to sneak my way into first class and be one of the first to come out. The only bad thing about this is that I was sitting next to an old man the entire time...fuck my life. I think I took his seat cuz he kept looking at me with angry eyes. ( ._.) The freaking TVs were not I would have to give the departure flight a 7/10

Once I got there my whole family was waiting for me and we went home right away. When I got home my step-mother wanted me to eat, but it was almost 3 so I told her I would eat tomorrow...and she got mad. >_>

Anyway, the first week I mostly spent visiting my family from my father's side. The second week,, I was drinking everyday nonstop with my sister, who loves to drink as much as I do. ( ._.) We went to parties and beaches. My Ipod, being the whore she is, would discharge seconds after I started listening to music. But that was only when I was out with my family to beaches and awesome places. >_>

I drank...and drank...and drank...a lot, I might add. And wow, I never got drunk! :D I'm like little Bacchus, just less bulk. >_> I have two sisters, and they are gorgeous. One of them, who is second youngest after me, has a boyfriend. And Mega did not like fact, when her boyfriend went to our house, I would sit in front of them watching them closely. Until she got pissed and kicked me out of wherever we were. ( ._.) My other sister has Lucy boobs and ass. :D Yes, real, and Lucy size! Not joking! M'kay, so after that we went horse riding, sightseeing, swimming, drinking, partying. It was loads of fun! So yeah, I had fun! :D

The only shit I don't like is the freaking mosquitoes and flies. The freaking flies would never let me eat in peace. -_____- And at blood being as freaking delicious as it is, I got ambushed by a pack of mosquitoes. I'm gonna have to cut it short, cuz the freaking pole close to my house caught on fire and I might lose power, but I'll show you guys some pics real quick. :D

And the pics are no in my laptop... >_____> Brb...

20 mins later. Almost done uploading them~
Go here! :D
The videos don't want to upload. I'll let you guys know when they are uploaded. >_>

Thanks and Bye-Bye!!! :3

Glass avatar

*Sets Wiki on fire* BITCHES!!! @_@

This belongs to Mega.


Before I forget! I drew this for Carry and you guys while at work! :D

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