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The Fairy Tail wiki is a fun and loving place where anyone who wishes to contribute to our articles can do so easily. Understanding that editing is not exactly the easiest thing one can do right off the bat, the "Guilds" have been created to help you along the way. There are various Guilds that may or may not suit your fancy. Check them out and join them.
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The "Teams" on the Fairy Tail wiki run similar to how the Guilds work. However, they do require a lot more attention as the work done by the teams is something which is meant to be done quickly. From the enjoyable summarizing to the exhilarating coding works, you are sure to find a team that is right for you. Check them out and join them.

If you need any help with anything, just ask the Administrators and the members of the Policy & Standards Council ; they will be more than willing to help you out. Please read over our policies so that you can have a fun time without someone having to confront you for little and unneeded things such as edit wars. One last thing. Don't tell anyone your age unless you're above 13.

Gooooosh, Fairy Tail Wiki is dead right now and I'm trying my hardest to procrastinate here... Don't wanna study, again, for that final tomorrow. So I had an idea that is not original. Why not create a blog about future matchups? Eh? Anyway, I guess you can include anyone (including rematches). If you want to focus on the current arc though, I ain't stopping ya. You can also do fights you've always wanted to see. Welps, here's my list:

Opponent Vs. Opponent
Mirajane Avatar Mirajane vs. Kyouka Kyôka
Silver Silver vs. Gildarts Gildarts
Juvia Mugshot Juvia vs. Araña Araña Prop
Jackal Jackal vs. Elfman Post-TimeSkip Elfman
Close-up of Tempester Tempester vs. Makarov Makarov prof
Torafuzar Torafusa vs. Gajeel Gajeel prof
Lucy mugshot Sayla vs. Lucy Seilah profile image
Mard Geer Marde vs. Kagura Kagura prop
NoPicAvailable E.N.D. vs. Acnologia Acnologia Avatar
Sting prop Sting vs. Rogue Rogue profile prop
Rufus Lore Squared Image Rufus vs. Rustyrose Rustyrose Mugshot
Demon Minerva Minerva vs. Mavis Mavis Mugshot
Erza prof Erza vs. Bacchus Bacchus Mugshot

So yeah... let your imagination run wild. You can do threesomes and tag battles, ect. You can keep posting future/dream battles as we get new chapters.

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