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I was talking to Umnei about Fairy Tail's possible ending a few weeks ago (and something related to the wiki). I asked him:

"How would you feel if Fairy Tail's ending was shitty?"

Because, let's admit it, sometimes our love for a series is so much that the ending makes us angry rather than content. But that's not technically all I wanted to talk about. I've been making prediction blogs and review blogs for the past few weeks. So I'm kinda taking a break from them and making a random blog.

What do you guys think would be a fitting ending for Fairy Tail? Or better yet, what could Hiro throw in to extend the series? Some may like long series and some may not. Personally, I love series that are long, because I want to enjoy the characters and story as much as possible.

It feels like Hiro intends to reveal Lumen Historie for this arc, and I believe a big portion of us thought that the Tartarus Guild would indicate the series' ending. But I think there's more Hiro can throw in. There's Zeref and Igneel for example. And not to mention the other Dragons. But I think that when Igneel is found, the others will be found as well. Thus why I'm reluctant to say "Dragons," we kinda know what happened to a big portion of them anyway. And let's not forget Future Rogue. His appearance in the present was sudden, and his final scene was just giving hints of him returning. He's presently in a world where Acnologia is making everyone his bitch. Why wouldn't he come back when his Manipulation Magic does not work on Acnologia? The gate was destroyed, but that never stops a villain. As for Zeref, maybe Hiro plans to involve him somehow in this arc? We all know that the big villain of this arc is most likely to be E.N.D., but that does not mean Zeref will stay in the sidelines. Along with Zeref and Igneel, there's also the Acnologia issue. Maybe he would handle Acnologia when Natsu finds Igneel? Who knows, but thinking about what Hiro can do with Acnologia and Zeref gets me hyped~

Now... what nobody wants to hear. Fairy Tail's ending. I wonder what it could be. I personally think Hiro won the award for best ending a long time ago with Rave. If you haven't read it, skip the red words.

I love how, despite Lucia becoming aware of his actions, he was still killed off by Hiro. But he made a friend. Which was what he wanted all along. But unlike your regular endings, this did not mean that Lucia got to live. Nope, he died right there along with Endless. What happens after that is just perfection~ Not only does it take you down memory lane with Elie losing her memories again, but it reminds you of why you started reading this series. I thought Elie losing her memories for a second time was great! This whole series mainly revolved around Elie, Rave/Haru and Demon Card. And Elie's memories revolve around everything I just mentioned. And the happy ending was awesome!

I honestly can't think of a good ending for FT. I mean, I can see Natsu becoming the master of FT, Jellal saving Erza by giving his life away. I know this may piss some off, but I think Gray and Juvia may not end up together. Maybe... ( .___.) Remember that "thing" Gray wanted to tell Juvia? Well, he made up his mind and was pretty darn serious. He doesn't want anything with Juvia. Just friends.

Anyway, how do you all think Hiro can continue FT? And can you think of any possible endings?

Also, a note to those who joined the Fanon blog. I have not forgotten. It's just that I've been super busy. I think I will extend the time once again till the end of the year. Seeing as time is flying. ( -__-)

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