Volume 7 Q & A
Lucy Hello there!! I'm Lucy, the cute and sexy manager of Fairy Tail!!
Mirajane The author just loves to draw Lucy, doesn't he... Heh heh.
Lucy Oh, he's just a lecher!! Really!! all he ever thinks about is sex!!
Mirajane Let's get started. We've received a bunch of questions after people read volume 6.
Lucy with Celestial Spirits

Does the strength of the Celestial Spirits change according to the Magical power of the Wizard using them?
Lucy That's right.
Mirajane ..........
Lucy ..........
Mirajane Is that all?
Lucy I know what you want to say!! That the keys I have to the twelves golden gates are wasted on me, right?
Mirajane You knew exactly what I wanted to say.
Lucy Ow!! That knife in my back hurts!! Sniff...
Mirajane But we don't know what the future holds. When Lucy trains herself to be a powerful wizard, I'd like to see what that bull looks like!
Lucy Oh, Mira-san!! Sniff...
Mirajane Just think of the T-bone barbecue we'll have then!
Lucy You Can't Eat Him!!!
Mirajane Now on to the next question.
Shadow Gear, chained and defeated

Is Levy-chan still alive?
Lucy Of course she is!!
Mirajane Don't worry. Jet and Droy are alive and kicking too.
Lucy But with the author's previous work, leading characters died off, one after the other. I can see why everyone would be nervous.
Mirajane That's true. Sometimes the master says, "I wonder if I'm the next to die!" and "It seems like a real possibility" and "I could just cry!" he seems really worried about it.
Lucy Oh, dear... (sweat, sweat)
Mirajane Let's go to the next question, shall we?
The Take Over users

I-Is the one on the left... really... M-Mira-chan?Shudder, shudder!
Mirajane Eh? Why would anyone bother to ask such an obvious question?
Lucy But there's something about the girl in the picture that doesn't seem like you!
Mirajane You think so? Well, I was quite young. ♡
Lucy A-And scary...
Mirajane It was a fun time!! Elfman was a loose cannon who I would always have to keep my eye on. But we'd go taking Lisanna with us.
Lucy Mira-san...
Mirajane And we'd get into all sorts of brawls with Erza or Natsu and the gang...
Lucy Ehhhhh??!!!
Mirajane That's what it means to be young, Lucy! Everyone does it, don't they?
Lucy Normally, girls don't get into that kind of stuff...
Mirajane And now on to our last question.
Gray Natsu and Lucy's reaction to punishment

So what exactly is "that"?
Lucy Urk! That's right!! I never did find out!!
Mirajane Heh heh... of course, "that"!
Lucy ?
Mirajane We are still keeping it a secret. ❤
Lucy What the heck is "that"?!!

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