Volume 6 Q & A
Lucy Miira-san!! There are loads of letters this time!!
Mirajane Really! You're so popular, Lucy! ♡
Lucy Didn't you say something really similar last time...? They're letters with questions!! Questions!!
Mirajane They like pointing out the author's faults, huh?
Lucy No!! It's just that there are so many mysteries in this story!! Even I couldn't write something like this!!
Mirajane Now that you mention it, here's a question about you, Lucy!
Lucy Eh?! I don't feel like telling anybody my measurements. I understand how people would be curious though...
Mirajane Nope. Not even one letter has asked that question.
Lucy ...
Lucy mugshot

Lucy hardly ever locks her door when she goes out, does she? And her entire Magic is rooted in keys... ha ha!
Lucy I lock it all the time!!!
Mirajane Everybody loves your apartment, huh, Lucy?
Lucy That's something I'd like to know!! How do they always get in?!!
Mirajane Let's go to the next question.
Lucy Heartfilia Movie

Why does Lucy always carry a whip? I mean... a whip?
Lucy It's for self-defense!! A weapon!! Nothing else!!
Mirajane You mean it isn't meant for keeping those naughty Celestial Spirits in line?
Lucy I'd never do something awful like that to my spirits!!
Mirajane Okay, but what if they happen to like it?
Lucy Th-That isn't one of my hobbies.
Mirajane And this will be the last one.

I think that Lucy is the weakest member of Fairy Tail.
Lucy That isn't a question!! Hey!!!
Mirajane But you're always with Natsu and Erza. I think you'll get a lot stronger with time.
Lucy Y-You think so? You're making my head spin!!
Mirajane Ah! Speak of the devil!
Natsu Mira!! loan me the key to Lucy's place, okay?!
Lucy Eh?
Mirajane Sure!! Here you go!!
Natsu Oh!! So you're here, Lucy! I'm heading over to your place to take a nap.
Lucy W-Wait a second, Mira-san!! It was you all along?!! You have been handing out my key without permission?!
Mirajane Well, we're friends, right?
Lucy Yeah, but... Why do you have a key to my apartment anyway?!
Mirajane Heh heh heh... It's a secret. ♡
Lucy Aw.. This is the question corner!! A place for answers!! Why are there suddenly more mysteries?!!

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