Volume 22 Q & A
Lucy Sigh... What was all that tedious chatter last time?
Mirajane Now let's get started on our own tedious chatter this time!
Lucy No! Tedious is bad!!
Mirajane And the first question!
Erigor close-up

They said that the only member of Eisenwald that wasn't arrested was Erigor. What happened to him?
Lucy Oh, that. Actually there's a pretty sad story that goes along with that.
Mirajane It's true that Erigor was never captured, and he was scheduled to appear in the Nirvana Arc.
Lucy Well, it's just didn't work out, so his part had to be cut. It made the author cry.
Mirajane He went and did all that work foreshadowing, but...(Side note: Volume 16, p. 177.)
Lucy Is how it turned out, but when the anime director was told about this, his eyes just lit up, so it's possible that when the episode comes to TV...
Mirajane Just possible... huh? ♡
Lucy Now, on to the next question.
Erza preparation for go to Hotel

When Erza goes on a job, she always takes along a huge load of luggage. What's in it?
Mirajane I want to say it's a huge load of her armor, but Erza keeps her stock of extra armor in another dimension so that can't be it
Lucy So... her underwear, maybe?
Mirajane Since it's Erza, it'd have to be dead bodies of the monsters she's vanquished...
Lucy Don't by scarry!!
Erza Heh! Shouldn't I be answering this question directly?
Lucy Ah! Erza, it's been a while since you made an appearance in this corner!
Mirajane All right, then what's in your luggage?
Erza FOOD.
Lucy ...
Mirajane ...
Erza now, shall we proceed to the next question?
Lucy Whoa! She just took over!
Jet and Droy lecture Elfman

Strong Elfman had a weak Edolas counterpart. So by that logic, strong Edolas Jet and Droy mean that the regular world guys are weak?
Erza Really weak.
Lucy Th-That's harsh...
Mirajane Anybody would be compared to you, Erza... right?
Lucy (You say that, Mira-san, but a long time ago, you were on par with Erza, right... ?)
Erza Now we read the final question.

Is this character actually necessary to the story?
Erza Obviously
Mirajane And wait, what is that anyway?
Erza It's one of Mashima-sensei's doodles.
Lucy It's only of those rarely seen characters that appears once in a great while in the manga.
Mirajane Is it edible?
Lucy What? No way it'd be edible!
Erza This is unfortunate.
Lucy It sure is! it looks specially delicious if it were spiced and deep fried.
Lucy No, it doesn't!!
Erza Putting that argument aside, that particular character makes an appearance in one of the frames of Volume 22. And it did not appear on the magazine version of the same scene. So it was added for the graphic novel especially.
Lucy Added... But you said it was a doodle, right?
Mirajane It must be rough on Mashima-sensei, being so busy and all.
Lucy Do go praising a guy for putting in a doodle!


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