Volume 17 Q & A
Lucy We're here in the "Emergency Request! Explain the Mysteries of Fairy Tail!" corner!!
Mirajane I've thought this a bunch of times before, be we actually don't explain all that many mysteries here.
Lucy Don't say that out loud!!
Mirajane Here's the first question for this time.
Happy Anime S2

Why is Happy's stomach in volume 16 blue instead of white?
Lucy Th-That's just a mistake, right? And this isn't so much a question as pointing out the mistake.
Mirajane There!! We've explained a mystery! Ding, ding!
Lucy .....
Mirajane Continuing on, this is the next question.
Beast Take Over

Has Elfman now learned to do Satan Soul?
Lucy I wonder. Well, Mira-san? As his sister, what do you say?
Mirajane Not a chance.
Lucy Whoa!! A decisive rejection!
Mirajane That isn't what I mean. We each have separate and different Magics. Even if they are similar.
Lucy Eh? Is That right?
Mirajane What my sister, Lisanna, used was Animal Soul. A take over using the power of animals.
Lucy Really?
Mirajane Elfman's is Beast Soul. It's a Takeover using the power of a monster.
Lucy Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Mirajane And mine is Satan Soul, a Takeover using the power of a devil.
Lucy That certainly makes everybody seem different. But are monsters and devils in different categories?
Mirajane We've explained a mystery! Ding, ding!
Lucy And we have her signature, "ignoring Lucy's question!"
Mirajane Time for the next question.
The Oración Seis

Most of the names of Guilds so far have used the names of mystical beasts, but what's the meaning of Oración Seis?
Lucy If you want a literal translation:
Oración = Prayer
Seis = Six
That's what the words mean.
Mirajane So the meaning of the name is, "Six Prayers"?
Lucy There's no mystical beast name in that Guild though, huh?
Mirajane Oh? ..... Sure there is!
Cobra profile

Like Cobra, for example. (Not a question.)
Lucy That isn't the name of the Guild! And it isn't a mystical beast either!!!
Mirajane We've explained a mystery! Ding, ding!
Lucy A-And... the final question.
Leo's ray of love

Please tell me who Lucy is in love with.
Mirajane I'd like to know myself.
Lucy There's nobody with that distinction.
Mirajane We've explained a mystery! Ding, ding!
Lucy What? There's that little interest?! But, wait! What's that "Ding, ding" thing you do every time?!
Mirajane Ah? Whatever are you talking about?
Lucy I can't understand why you'd play dumb about that...
Mirajane Eh heh heh! Well for example, even if it's something of a dubious answer, if I say that at the end, it sounds like the mystery's been explained, right?
Lucy Just some psychological trick?
Mirajane We've explained a mystery! Brinnng!
Lucy Suddenly it changes!

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