I wanted to do a prediction blog, to start off the new arc, but I had another idea. I wanted to see what you're most eager to see after this small time-skip. If I am not mistaken, this means that Erza is now 20 years old! Waoh, it's just so odd seeing that there. Gray is also turning 19 and Lucy is turning 18~ Happy will finally be 7, lol. Anyway, what do you all want to see? Make a list, mine is as fallow (I'll explain why).

Lucy Heartfilia

Okay, okay, yes, Lucy maybe did not change much, but I still can't wait to see what Hiro has done with her. I don't know why, but I keep picturing her with longer hair, different clothes and the pillar of the Fairy Tail members (keeps them connected). I can only phantom how much her character may have developed after her "real home" was disbanded and Natsu and Happy left her for an entire year. The fact that Lucy did not write any adventures for one year says something. When Natsu returns I think she'll run towards him crying. I am also eager to see if her Celestial Spirit powers have changed (the thing with Aquarius' power as well).

Fairy Tail

In general I want to see how the Fairy Tail members are doing. Laxus in particular since his last talk with the Thunder God Tribe hinted that there would be major changes.

Magic Council

After a year, the MC should be back and running... I can imagine Doranbolt as chairman tbh, but I would like for him to stay in FT. I wonder what the new members will be like. I hope Hiro doesn't overshadow some of them tho...kinda sucks when he does that. For example, that Belno and Gajeel relationship was so freaking weird... it would have been awesome if they had shown something different along the story.

Earth Land

I want to see what it's like after the whole face thing~ Also, I know it's out of reason, but for some reason I really want to see Edolas again. o_O

Those are just a few of the things that come to mind atm. Maybe your ideas will spark something.

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