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  • Omega natsu2

    To All: Happy Holidays~!

    December 24, 2015 by Omega natsu2

    Usually, I would go around everyone's page and post a holiday card, but ain't nobody got time for that! :D

    I don't know who that^ belongs to, but hey, it's festive! :D Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Hope all of you will remain friends, Carry, Rai, Misk, Chaos, Prime and more, for another year! Remain your awesome selfs, and if you're not awesome, start anew. :)

    BTW Rai really is black! I thought he was a white kid ashamed of his color trying to be a cool kid. He just sounds white, but he's black. :3

    Anyway, I am off to get ready so I can party and get…

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  • Omega natsu2

    Hello to all! I am officially back on the web after my 2 weeks of moving from one place to the other. This episode of Fairy Tail starts with Natsu and Lucy, along with Happy, hunting down a Lizardman for its scale. After punching it and realizing that it does not work, Lucy summons Capricorn, who delivers some crazy punches. Natsu finishes the job with a powerful Fire punch. After getting a scale or two, the ground begins to shake and a massive figure above drops an "egg."

    Gif not by me

    Natsu and Happy take it home, and after a week Lucy and the others decide to check up on them. Once they arrive, the egg has hatched and we meet a cute little gr…

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  • Omega natsu2

    Hello Fairy Tail Wiki~ I'm here with another random blog that will collect everyone's opinion. ( .__.)/ Also, if you may have noticed, I've been off Wiki for a few days. Worry not, it's just that I moved recently and my internet is not working properly. Anyway, as I sat here in class waiting for my professor to arrive, I thought why not make a blog...right?

    I have been talking to Reli and Umnei about the other Mages, where they may be or what they could be doing or were doing during the time skip. At first, Umnei dissed me when I said, "Well, they need to join a guild to get jobs and earn a living/money." But alas, Wendy proved me right. So, who do you think entered another guild or, like Lucy, what new abilities do you expect to see? Who j…

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  • Omega natsu2

    The episode begins with Natsu, Lucy and Happy venturing Mt. Hakobe in search of a rare ice. Lucy complains about the fact that having Gray or Wendy along would make things a lot easier, while Happy finds comfort and heat within Lucy's boobs. Who wouldn't? :3 Anyway, the three find a cave after Lucy announces that her spirits are on vacation. They head inside the cave, but eventually realize that the cave is alive, as several things begin to shift around and floors begin to shatter.

    They end up going in circles for about three days. They give up and begin hallucinating, my favorite being Lucy. XD From writer's award to a hot bath; only a Heartfilia. Natsu dreams about food, while Happy is in the water catching fish, Lucy as a mermaid. Soon e…

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  • Omega natsu2

    I didn't really want to make a review...the anime was a major turn off for me. Though next week's episode looks really neat. During this episode, Natsu and Lucy take care of Asuka, while Wendy and Erza (god, what is wrong with her animation team?) bake a cake. At the end of it all, Asuka retrieves a snow-thing Lacrima that belonged to her parents, while Erza sulks due to not getting any Keki~

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