• OOoXENAoOo

    C199 - Lisanna

    September 8, 2010 by OOoXENAoOo

    Ok. This is my first time doing this, but i thought this chapter deserves a discussion after all the EPIC it delivered this week. which also gives u a lot to think about, considering all the stuff that's happened till now.

    First off, i had my hunches a lloooonngg time back that Lisanna wasn't dead, not mentioning her in discussions(exception of Lucy), and how she soared into the unknown, after Elfman smacked her, in the anime giving us more insight into the whole deal, but really, this chapter makes u think what the after-effect is going to be. Events of Edolas cant be hidden from the guild anymore, more-so from what Erza said about Mystogan's quit last week(I hope we see more of him

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