Hey, as you see from the title, I created a thrid gen. Dragon Slayer magic: Pain Dragon Slayer! With this magic, you're immune to pain from physical magic power. When trying to eat pain, the attacker have to attack you in your mouth and then you eat whatever attacked by putting it in your mouth. Most likely the spells that are made are going to be purple (showing that pain from he/she is caused from your attacks). The only downslide about this magic is that going into Dragon Force will cause immense destruction to whatever is in your surroundings.

In Dragon Force:

When you're in Dragon Force, everything around you is destroyed as well as one flick into head can make anyone flying. Clouds of purple and black will produce out of your mouth, fists, and feet serverly showing that once you hit someone, they would most likely die as an average human.

Reminder: I just made this up! Don't go around telling people of FT about this unless I say so as well as doing this yourself. Yes, you can support me by sketching something up to show what I mean.

Training to Use Pain Dragon Slayer Magic:

Today, I will be informing you about some train you could do with this type of magic:

1) First, you meet the Pain Dragon, Paintheyar (Female), on top of a mountain covered with spikes that might sherd you skin by one touch.

2) Once you meet Paintheyar, she'll instruct you to carry a bag of nail down and up the mountain until she stops you.

3) Then, she'll ram her giant claw on top of you for a matter of days and months (probably a year should do the trick).

4) You'll be instructed to fight her until your body go numb.

5) *If you've defeated her (which is totally 1% possible)* Paintheyar will implant a Lacrima inside of you in order withstand any attack that hits you. *If you didn't defeat her* You will have to do steps 2-4 over and over agian until you defeat her as well as steps 6 and 7.

6) Master the Pain Dragon Slayer Magic with Pain Lacrima.

7) Go out and use you new magic with all you got!

Now the spells I haven't gotten yet, but if you want to sketch me some, I may accept it. And again, do not tell the people of FT about this and don't act this out because it's too dangerous to peform! --NoxaChibi Panther Lily> 16:49, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

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