aka Cameron T.

  • I live in Earth, Milky Way
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is Hunter/Archive and Requip Mage In-Training
  • Noxa

    Hey, as you see from the title, I created a thrid gen. Dragon Slayer magic: Pain Dragon Slayer! With this magic, you're immune to pain from physical magic power. When trying to eat pain, the attacker have to attack you in your mouth and then you eat whatever attacked by putting it in your mouth. Most likely the spells that are made are going to be purple (showing that pain from he/she is caused from your attacks). The only downslide about this magic is that going into Dragon Force will cause immense destruction to whatever is in your surroundings.

    In Dragon Force:

    When you're in Dragon Force, everything around you is destroyed as well as one flick into head can make anyone flying. Clouds of purple and black will produce out of your mouth, fi…

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