• Noobla

    Anime Error

    July 30, 2014 by Noobla

    Just noticed a while ago while watching the post match of Laxus vs Alexei and pre-match of Wendy and Cheria (Episode 169). During the Laxus vs Alexei match, before Laxus talks to Ivan Wendy is wearing her battle clothes she used against Chelia, Then right after Laxus beat the heck of Raven Tail she returned to the dark pink clothes again ahahaha :D

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  • Noobla


    July 29, 2014 by Noobla

    This is my first time to create a blog.

    Well here it goes.

    During the Oracion Seis arc, Wizard Saint Jura Neekis is involved during the fray but he isn't stronger then compared today.

    During Grimoire Heart Invasion (Tenrou Arc) it takes the likes of Makarov, Laxus and Gildarts and all FT just to defeat Grimoire Heart.

    Now During Tartarus arc, it takes all FT members (with the exception of Gildarts) plus Crime Sorciere (Jellal and Meredy) and Sabertooth (Sting and Rogue; maybe in the future Orga, Rufus and Yukino would join the fray, also hoping the Aguria sisters (Angel and Yukino respecitively) to fight together if Angel would accept his alliance with CS along with his co-Oracion Seis members which most likely they'll accept, they are all wip…

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