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Urano Metria being cast

Lately I've been thinking about Urano Metria a bit and wondered how Lucy was actually able to cast it in "Spirit vs. Spirit".

She was completely out of magical power to the point of no longer being able to stand, so how was she able to feed enough magical energy into the spell to defeat Angel who was still completely unhurt?

Since the energy couldn't have come from Lucy herself I've come up with three different theories:

  1. Along with the knowledge Hibiki also transfered magical energy to Lucy.
  2. The spell enables the caster to gather the energy from the surroundings.
  3. The spell enables the caster to channel energy from the Celestial Spirit Realm.

I think option 1 is rather unlikely, since transfering magical energy between people seems to be extremely hard to achieve. The only confirmed case of such a connection I remember is Unison Raid.

Option 2 might make sense since mages regenerate their power by absorbing ethernano particles from the air.

But option 3 is what makes the most sense to me. All other Celestial Spirit Magic works by summoning something from that other dimension to the caster, so why would this "Ultimate Celestial Spirit Magic" suddenly do something else. But since the spell can't summon the whole stars themselfs, what is it that is summoned?
Is it parts of the stars, or just the magical energy that's used to create those star-like balls of energy?

This one would also explain why Lucy's second Urano Metria was weaker than the first one despite not being exhausted and combining her power with Gemini's. When Hibiki transfered the knowledge she temporarily knew every intricacy and was able to pull the spell off perfectly, but in the GMG she had to rely on her own (not yet perfected) knowledge and thus had to rely at least partially on her own magic power rather than chanelling it from the Celestial Spirit Realm.

So am I on to something or am I just overanalyzing things again?

What is Urano Metria's power source

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