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Ninja Tail September 26, 2012 User blog:Ninja Tail

Hi guys my name is Ninja Tail aka Denzel Salmingo.I joined about 2 months ago, I didn't know that we have to introduce ourselves. I'm from the Philippines, and I'm still in school. I started watching Fairy Tail when one of our teachers was an Anime fan. During our free time, he let us watch any anime. I didn't no Fairy Tail that time before but, after I watched a video of Fairy Tail, that's when I started my FAIRY TAIL Life! I watched every episode of Fairy Tail, also the OVAs. Like every Saturday, I wake up and watch the new Fairy Tail episode. I don't read the manga because, I can't see it in our bookstore :(. I'll help you guys to make this wiki better so, that people will know all about Fairy Tail. :D ~ FAIRY TAIL FOREVER!!! ~

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