First blog! I haven't seen a blog about this, if there is, go ahead and delete this.

So, Funimation is running a little contest, it is a tournament that you guess the entire results. If you get it exactly right, you win some nice prizes, being these:

  • Autographed Fairy Tail poster
  • Fairy Tail Happy hat
  • Fairy Tail wallet
  • Fairy Tail postcards
  • Fairy Tail Guild temporary tattoo
  • Copy of Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess

Here are the brackets:

I picked these, based on episode 96 and prior. Gildarts, Erza(This was a hard one.), Mirajane, Mystogan, Natsu, Gray, Laxus, and Elfman. Gildarts, Mirajane, Natsu, and Laxus. Gildarts and Natsu. Gildarts.

So what are your choices? Do you think results would be different if we were at GMG?

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