Episode 211: "Gray vs. Cancer: Dance Battle!" Review

Also known as the "What the fuck am I watching" episode. Came for battles. Received Yaoi instead.

Cancer and Gray

So Cancer wants a dance battle and Gray immediately regrets his decision to pick Cancer. As Cancer is moving his hips like yeah, Gray concludes he can't dance. I don't blame you. Cancer decides that's hot, so he gives shoes to his opponent that help his opponent win. Even after that, Cancer unlocks the door to Gray's heart to unleash his ultimate moves. Gray basically dominates Cancer from this point. Gray turns it into an Ice Skating battle, so Cancer pulls round two from no where. Oh yeah, and he tries to get in a few moves on Gray. After some sexual advances by Cancer, Gray defeats him. With a nice little threat, don't embarass Gray or you are going to be destroyed. Gate closed.

Stop! I'd rather die than watch this!

FTFY Gray.

Other Battles

Levy is still having a really bad day. She gets a really difficult question, what is the last name of one of Fairy Tail's redshirts? She gets it wrong. Not only do they push her closer to punishment, her punishment transforms into a brutal death. Trivia just became much more interesting.

Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla are in Loke's gate, but Loke isn't there. Natsu decides to sniff around. You aren't a dog. Scene was dumb.

Cana is still playing Card Games Ex Machinas, and literally makes Gildarts invincible. Surprised Scorpio didn't pull something out of his ass to counter it. Cana wins and closes his gate.

Lucy gets tickled, half naked, and is enjoying herself while being tortured. Virgo brings out a watermelon since Lucy isn't feeling pain from punishment. Kinky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And now we move back to Cancer...

Yukino is up against Libra, who has a simple goal. Survive the indirect attacks by balancing on easily tipped rocks. Simple, but better than most of this other shit (.___. )

Back to Natsu and company. After going through the temple, they find a wall. Break it down of course! Loke is back there. Anyways, on to the BEST part of this entire arc. Back at the gates, the dimension suffers a bit from Natsu's impulses. Arcadios shows us a new door has appeared. On the door are interesting arabic looking patterns, as well as an arabic soundtrack going on. That door has the symbol of the 13th Zodiac, The Snake Charmer Ophiuchus!

Overall: 5 (Average)

Episode was a 50/50 for me. I didn't find the Cancer battle funny at all really except before Gray closes his gate. I'm kind of glad we finished Cana's battle quickly, didn't want to drag that out. Would have preferred a Natsu&Co-centric episode over dancing. This arc has been bad so far, except the first episode and doing something with the poor little left out Zodiac. If they do this based on how it is in astrology, Ophiuchus will be AWESOME. If you aren't familiar, Ophiuchus isn't in the standard well known Zodiac, but his version was somewhat popular in Japan. I'm super excited. Doesn't change the fact the episode still wasn't that great.

  • + The last scene
  • + Upping Levy's game
  • + Yukino's scene

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