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  • Ninja-Sensei
    Episode 211: "Gray vs. Cancer: Dance Battle!" Review

    Also known as the "What the fuck am I watching" episode. Came for battles. Received Yaoi instead.

    Cancer and Gray

    So Cancer wants a dance battle and Gray immediately regrets his decision to pick Cancer. As Cancer is moving his hips like yeah, Gray concludes he can't dance. I don't blame you. Cancer decides that's hot, so he gives shoes to his opponent that help his opponent win. Even after that, Cancer unlocks the door to Gray's heart to unleash his ultimate moves. Gray basically dominates Cancer from this point. Gray turns it into an Ice Skating battle, so Cancer pulls round two from no where. Oh yeah, and he t…

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  • Ninja-Sensei
    Episode 204: "Stake My Life on Hospitality" Review

    This episode marks the introduction of Eclipse CS arc, which I am going to call Rebellion arc. The new intro Mysterious Magic has started, and I like it. It features portraits of our main characters and the Celestial Spirits.

    The episode starts off with Yukino, Lucy, Natsu, and Happy heading up to Hill of the Stars. Lucy is going to grant wishes for all the spirits since they were so helpful and destroyed the Eclipse Portal.


    The spirits came out, one by one as they usually do. Lucy is granting them all a wish.

    Aries is up first. Aries is apologetic as usual, but Lucy tells her she is inviting her instead of a…

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  • Ninja-Sensei

    Well hi there! I review things. I'm new to a review here, and I know people get pissy with Mega for his awesome reviews ( -____-) So here's a hopefully not shitty review for you to read and complain about! Also I've read the manga. I don't review based on it. So it is also spoiler free!

    If this is unwelcome, I'm sorry D:

    The episode starts off with a little bit of what we saw last time. Gajeel is fighting Rogue, Future Lucy is explaining things to the Rescue Team. Cue opening.

    We start the episode with Future Lucy explaining why she came from the future, which apparently is "to change a terrible future." "What happened in the future?" "Despair... in the future." The anime team really likes to repeat information in their episodes. This is jus…

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  • Ninja-Sensei

    First blog! I haven't seen a blog about this, if there is, go ahead and delete this.

    So, Funimation is running a little contest, it is a tournament that you guess the entire results. If you get it exactly right, you win some nice prizes, being these:

    • Autographed Fairy Tail poster
    • Fairy Tail Happy hat
    • Fairy Tail wallet
    • Fairy Tail postcards
    • Fairy Tail Guild temporary tattoo
    • Copy of Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess

    Here are the brackets:

    I picked these, based on episode 96 and prior. Gildarts, Erza(This was a hard one.), Mirajane, Mystogan, Natsu, Gray, Laxus, and Elfman. Gildarts, Mirajane, Natsu, and Laxus…

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