LittleDragon Yumegami

aka Radiant Heart

  • I live in in my future Gamindustri and on planet Vestal
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Next Goddess (女神) of Planeptune
  • I am Female
  • LittleDragon Yumegami

    I been wondering why Natsu and Gajeel can't go out from Jutsushiki in the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc, because they over 80, well not Gajeel, he has Metalicana in his body (right?), Metalicana had been 400+ years old.

    For Natsu, he has Igneel already 400+ and he also over 400+ because he is Etherious. (I know I'm too late to reply) (-_-III)

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  • LittleDragon Yumegami

    Hi guys, I been wondering. Do anyone suspect Hiro-san will make a Water element dragon slayer later in the series? If there is, share your thoughts on it, may be we can imagine it.

    • I think she would be a female
    • blue/cyan hair or either green hair
    • cool, calm
    • there's more actually...
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