• Nick1282

    Well, while watching Fairy Tail Episode 116, the episode where the fight between Ultear and Gray on Tenrou Island concludes. There is this flashback scene (17:30 mintues:seconds into the episode) where Ultear meets Hades in a Library, and believe it or not, the Library that Ultear and Hades were currently in is also the exact same (or a clone of the) Library from the latest episode, #136. So this really just proves that the FT anime makers didn't pay much attention (or were lazy, anyway).

    For the scene in episode 136 where this is more apparent, check 21:00 minutes into the episode, where the Jiggly Butt Gang (Oh God) are sent flying like Team Rocket from Pokemon, vowing to return sometime in the future, hope they don't show up at the Grand…

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