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Hi everyone! Hope your having a nice day, in this blog I wanted to discuss three topics that I want everyone's opinion in FairyTail. Number 1. NaLu or Nali, I want everyone to tell me which one they support and why. Number 2. If Makarov retires, who do you think will be the next guild master, pick a FairyTail mage and tell me why you think they should be the new guild master. Number 3. The most evilest, meanest, horriblest, villian alive who is in Fairy Tail (I know, horriblest is not a word... at least I think??? Note to self, study more English), tell me who you think it is a also tell me why. I also have a fun poll that I hope everyone votes on! Thanks for reading my blog, and let me say that this wiki is just amazing, I have met so many kind and sweet people. Pat yourself on the back, 'cause you're awesome!!!!! Nerdyanimegirl225Foreign Finds - Chibi Levy

If you lived in Fiore and were a character in FairyTail, which one would you most likely be?

The poll was created at 03:44 on May 14, 2014, and so far 91 people voted.

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