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What is your Favorite Part(s) from Grand Magic Games arc?

It's Nep! *thinks about the blog before my head will explode in 0.0000001 seconds* I KNOW!! How about! What is your favorite part or parts from Grand Magic Games arc?!!?!?!??!!?! Well, Well My favorite parts are: Ichiya who kept saying "Men" from Chariot. Next, Flare calling Lucy-chan "Blondie" Nep:Blondie.......... MWAAHAHAHHA!!!!!! and Sting (Mintaro AKA Minty loves "Stingy" so much) Natsu Nep:LOL LOL LOL and Gajeel were the sickness and unable to do at the chariot LOL LOL!!

Then what about you g- *Pedo Bear is running* *Nep screams and start running and being chased by a Pedo Bear* -Nep's counterpart came by- Edolas Neptune-chan:Sorry about that what about you guys? what is your favorite part or parts from Grand Magic Games Arc????

(Sorry this blog WAY too LONGY! XD)

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