Yooo! So yeah cutting straight to point... In Chapter 464 As Natsu was closing in to beat Zeref's shit in with his new (and awesome) move he thanked all the people in his life that helped him to get to this day: Igneel, Anna, Layla, Mavis, and obviously Natsu. I've seen somebody say the order in how he said could be the order of importance or the order they've met but both of those have flaws to me but you never know. Pointed out to me by Derax this could be Anna.. I thought it couldn't be at first but Hiro dropped a character on his twitter feed before they were shown in the main story so it could really be... At least she looks good though right?

But enough of that, who tf is Anna though? That's the real question and basically I figured it could any of the 4 below:

  • Zeref and Natsu's mother
    • Seems the most logical one
  • Their sister
    • I would loveee for this to be her, don't know why just do
  • Important childhood friend
    • Maybe she was one his classmates at the Mildan Magic academy and they were close until, you know, killed everybody and shit
  • Zeref's side chick/fling on the side
    • Lol this one is for fun but who knows, after Mavis died he was lonely for 300 years so that could do a lot to man...

Note: Chapter 465 Spoiler (updated Chapter 468

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