First and foremost, I think I speak for everyone when I say this one-liner:


Lol had to get that off my chest, let's move on shall we?

With shit popping off between Alvarez vs. FT in the latest chapters, it's time to put everything out on the table we know so far and to recap our thoughts and what might/could/should/will happen. Who will join to help FT? What's the true meaning behind Zeref's motives? Besides the obvious how will FT come on top yet again? I need WHATEVER is on your mind and to DEBATE, DEBATE, DEBATE. With Raven already discussing the potential battles in his blog (check it out if you haven't) I'm mostly refraining from listing battles and more about everything else (try this as well too). I wanna to hear all and everything of the thoughts, rants, predictions, whatever (perverted, logical, or somewhere in between) from everyone and what they're expecting to happen in the future chapters, starting with the upcoming 456. Here's mostly all of mine:


  • Let's be real for a second, we all know why Zeref wants Fairy Heart, for a way of defense against Acnologia. That's clear enough, but I just been feeling like there's another meaning with him wanting his former lover's body. My theory on this has to come back to their relationship, which I truly believe Zeref and Mavis aren't over each other yet, something could spark between them when they encounter.... and that Zeref truly fears Acnologia more than he's letting on. Time will tell...


  1. Mavis encounters Zeref before Natsu (going on a limb here)
  2. Invel is some type of Slayer mage, with him most likely being the Ice Dragon Slayer (shit sounds actually tough) since Zeref wanted to have reinforces to counter Acnologia
  3. Dimaria's gauntlet thingy is actually a weapon, which can turn into a gun, missle, laser etc (hopes she has magic as well, one type would suffice)
  4. Said this in the chat, Brandish and Lucy will have a casual conversation, with Randi asking Lucy why FT is committed to stopping Alvarez's might. Lucy disagrees with her statements, with Brandish telling her she was ordered to kidnap her, via her magic or Marin's magic (side note: Brandish will reveal another type of magic, spatial magic would make sense since she could of taught it to Marin)
  5. Stunner: Natsu gets captured as well (shippers would go crazy if both him and Lucy would be in the same cell). Of course this would be very, very interesting cause this can lead to a meeting with Zeref and him dropping the life bomb on Natsu with them being brothers and him being END
  6. Natsu weapon's. I feel like Natsu wasn't being completely honest with everyone when talking about it. I'm predicting there's some type of repercussion from using it, maybe damages his body, drains his magic, or even... death (which I doubt)
  7. It would be TOO perfect obviously if Jellal comes out the cut like he always does to aid Erza, but I actually wanna see Minerva and Kagura team with her to fight Ajeel or another spriggan.... I'm lying. I HAVE TO SEE THIS. Ever since their "threesome" I always pictured Hiro cooking up a battle with those 3, need need need to see this
  8. Holding on hope to this but if we're getting a major death in this arc, it's gotta be Makarov.. I've seen people say Juvia which I would hate to happen cause I like Juvia but for plot wise wouldn't be bad at all but Makarov would be much better since Laxus can smoothly ease his way into being the 9th guild master at the end of the arc

Rants & Raves

Rave: Said this on another blog, but does anybody else like how the Spriggan 12 were crafted? Like what's different between them and the villains we seen in FT is... they're not really "villains". Yeah they're trying to steal Fairy Heart to prepare for the Dragon King Festival, I get that. But I don't get that "We're the most evilest, baddest, take-over-the-world bad guys blah, blah, blah" vibe from them. They're just carrying out their Lord Zeref's orders and have sworn loyalty to them, that's all. I like how they all look around the age of Team Natsu and all of them are OP as shit, that's cool to me. All the personalities you get from them confirms that for me, like don't they seem like you would want to hang with them for the day? Lol Hiro really made some unique characters this time, shout out to him

Rant: Nothing too critical but just need to point the obvious, the fights have to be fleshed out with logic backing it up... if hiro nails this we have the best arc in FT on our hands my niggas.


Hope you enjoyed my thoughts and look forward to reading everyone's thoughts and debates. Agree? Disagree? Let me hear it all. Brace yourselves, WAR HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!

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