Like always SPOLIER ALERT for all anime-only's...

I've been editing all day and I wanted to wait to post this blog for all the niggas in different time zones than me so I think now it's a good time.... but yeah if the headline ain't obvious you should know what this is about. This probably has been done 1000 times on here but I just started using the wiki in May 2015 so I wouldn't know. But anyways..

With FT peaking and I mean PEAKING right now with back to back A1 episodes (248,249) and dark but amazing chapters (449,450) I thought this would be a great time to recap my top 5 arcs in all of FT. For this it can be literally any arc, whether it's filler or canon, 80 chapters or 2 episodes, shit it even can be currently ongoing (more on that below) doesn't matter I just wanna see everyone's top 5 with number 1 being your favorite to 5 being your fifth favorite and compare it to mine. Just list your top 5, and it's up to you how you want to explain it, you can either have a brief note for each arc or an entire summary on your top 5, I'll definitely read and comment on everyone's. I'll add my favorite scene next to each arc too, so yeah easy right? Enough talking, here's my top 5:

1. Tartaros arc

Fairies ready to hunt Demons

s/o to Juvia's push up bra

Summary: Honestly yo I think it's hard to argue but to me, no motherfucking doubt this is the best arc hiro has put on display from us, it literally checked off all the boxes for me:

  • Plot
  • Character Development
  • Action
  • Feels
  • Length

What more is there to say?

2. Grand Magic Games arc

Natsu thanks Future Lucy

Was either this or Gray getting murked.... rather take Nalu

Summary: I'm actually surprised that this arc wasn't as liked as I thought it would when I first watched it in the anime, I really fucked with this arc! This arc was truly what opened up FT to me since it introduced so many characters that are relevent to the story, and it was the longest one so I liked that

3. Alvarez Empire arc

Brandish warns Fairy Tail

No need to explain why... just admire it

Summary: I know, I know some of you are saying "how can this be in your top 5 if it's still ongoing?" Like I said this is your personal top 5 so who cares? Lol but seriously I'm banking on potential on here because I have not been majorly disappointed by this arc at all yet and if it keeps going in the direction it's going now it can definitely push for my favorite arc of all time... Loving this arc so far so my 3rd spot is fair

4. Oración Seis arc

Team Natsu going to combat

One of the best scenes in FT!

Summary: This might seem like a surprise to some but this arc is always a rewatch for me... Besides the members nobody gives a fuck about (Hoteye and Racer) who doesn't like when Cobra, Angel, and Midnight gets screentime? I loved them as villains and love them as sorta kinda good guys or whatever you call them now, I was too hyped when they joined Crime Sorcerie since that meant they'll actually be relevant in the story down the road

5.Tenrou Island arc

Fairy Tail attacks Acnologia

Lots of average scenes but this isn't one of them

Summary: First thing that came to my mind after watching this arc for the first time: SHIPS. I swear yo if this arc didn't confirm your otp I don't know what to tell you. But besides that this arc really showed who you actually care about in FT as all the characters on the island get screentime unlike the others lol Zeref and Acnologia apperances boost this up to my top 5

Honorable Mention

  • Edolas arc: I personally liked the plot and opposite character but not being able to revisit them sucks
  • Avatar arc: I know a lot of people thought this arc was whack but honestly I understood what it was for: seeing Team Natsu's strength after the time skip. If the fights were any kind of decent this would been in top 5 no doubt. I got a feeling the anime will make this better with filler

So there's my top 5, let me know of yours in the comments and feel free to explain your life away with opinions and arguments galore

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