First things first.... Hiro the Gawd. His peoples under him are starting a new spin-off and it's about everyone favorite guild (besides Fairy Tail of course) Sabertooth! Long, long, long overdue but who cares as long as we have one nobody's complaining that much lol. (We just need another omake featuring ST like how they did with Welcome Home, Frosch, hiro make that happen)

Anyways that's out the way onto the chapter....


We have Sabertooth on either a job or just strolling by a couple of jewel thieves in town, and like FT are about to fuck shit up. Sting tries to get it started with the first attack but gets Orga mushes him and steals the spotlight, which was funny and petty at the same time. Rogue, Rufus, and Minerva also join the action and wipe out all the robbers while Jason from the Sorce comes out the woodworks and takes notes and pics of ST being badass, while Yukino is comforting Sting in the corner. Back at the guild, Jason still riding Minerva and the others while he tries to find out something exciting that Sting actually did (lmao). Rogue lets them know he's sulking, and Yukino, being the nicest character in the entire series, bakes some float cookies for her Sting-sama (nice touch). The next day the mistress is looking for Yukino, who strangely isn't at the guild yet. Orga and Rufus wonder why she's looking for her, which Minerva says she wants her to go on a job with her, which shocks the two of them (idk why but this scene was hilarious to me). Yukino eventually arrives and she gets forced to go on a cooking job with Minerva; she lets Sting and Rogue know she's dipping with the lady and Sting questions who is she (??) and she wonders what he's talking about, which Sting says Yukino is always the first one at the guild. The cover blowm now the fake Yukino attacks him which Sting just pops his ass silly and they all question where Yukino is, which the fake Yukino tells them she's been captured and being taken to their guild.

Review & Notes

So yeah what a great start to the spinoff! It was so simple but just enjoyable from the plot to the art to the funny ass scenes lol. Sabertooth was made to have a spinoff so this is gonna be a great series! Nothing to dislike about a spinoff so just a few notes:

- I swear the writers were pushing the StingxYukino ship..... about damn time God is good. A lot of moments between the two so yeah keep pushing those till that ship is ready to sail writers. (RoguexMinerva next please)

- I LOVED Minerva in this chapter. We never really seen her interactions in the guild besides her evil rants of power and shit like that, and obviously after returning to ST in the Avatar arc. her personality fits her so much it always has me cheesing I swear. how she forced Yukino into the job is so like her.

Overall great start to the spinoff! Rating 9.9/10

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