I gotta admit first, I never got so badly spoiled as I did this weekend to the point I was blown on Friday night/Saturday morning... but seeing this sexy piece of heaven can make up for it ha

Irene Belserion

Only good thing about the chapter for the most part... but damn Hiro outdid himself this time

And one more thing before I start, I know her having some type of important connection to Erza might rub people the wrong way, believe me I get the "random family member that was never mentioned until now for plot relevance" does sound suspect but I can't really bring myself to be mad at it, Erza is a MC so it's not like we were NEVER gonna find out about her fam... so save that rage for Jak's blog cause I don't really care. Funny thing, I remember on the Anna blog Carry pointed out that we might know/find something out about Erza's family in this arc so shouts outs to her on being right!

Anyways, what does everyone think Erza's connection is to Irene? Unless you don't have eyes they look similar as fuck which has people saying everything from she's her mother to her evil twin sister. My take on it? Irene looks way wayyy wayyyyy too young to be her mother, even for Hiro's drawing standards. She's honestly looks maybe a lil older than Brandish, who is anywhere between 24-26 (according to Layla) so that's out the window for me. So the safe prediction is she's her mother/sister/twin but safe is boring so I'm gonna say she's like her other half or something, like 1/2 to Erza. Hard to explain but it's just my feeling Hiro will surprise us with her. Maybe that explains Erza's eyes in the panel when she beat her Historias, maybe she awoke some new power or something to make Neinhart realize their connection cause those eyes didn't look like the regular Erza determination face, who knows though.

What's the relationship between Erza and Irene?

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Lastly I kinda cheated cause I wrote this before the chapter dropped lol you can thank all the spoilers that were blasted all over the internet (if you were one of them I hope you never get married.. spoiling for others is lame as fuck). Besides that shoot your theories below and hit those polls above