Just making a blog to commemorate the loss of Juvia Lockser. For the time being she died in Chapter 499 so wanted to pay my respects to her and her best moments in FT from the manga and anime.
Young Juvia

In her young years


Juvia fights Gray...

Juvia falls in love with Gray

... then falls in love with him

Juvia and Gray looks at the sky

Gray stops her rain

Lucy and Juvia - Best Friends

Becoming friends with her love rival

Juvia joins Fairy Tail

Juvia joins FT

Juvia enraged

Badass Juvia

Juvia asking for punishment

Lustful Juvia

Lyon in love with Juvia

Lyon falls in love with her

Juvia's victory pose

Winning the Naval Battle

Fairy Tail stands before Sting

With the squad

Juvia's reaction to Gray's injury

Juvia watches Gray get killed

Fairies ready to hunt Demons

More squad goals

Juvia destroys Keyes

Juvia killing Keyes to release Silver

Gray learns the truth from Juvia

Juvia comforts Gray over killing his father

Gajeel decides to look for Laxus

Her Day 1 friend in Gajeel

Juvia and Meredy join forces

Juvia linking her power with Meredy

The battle of lovers

Having to fight her bae...

Gray overwhelms Juvia

...her last struggle and panty shot...

Gray and Juvia commit suicide

...ending in suicide

What are your final thoughts on Juvia?

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Juvia's farewell

R.I.P Juvia Lockser X767-X792

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