What's up? This is my first blog and I didn't really know exactly what to write at first but actually thought of something interesting that we (or I did at least) kind of didn't pay any thought to... after rereading the chapter I realized it was probably because of the moment of action and the surprising revelation with Gray being Frosch's killer. But here goes my thoughts anyways....

In chapter 425, the whole premise of the chapter was for Natsu, Lucy and Happy to travel to Sabertooth to find out clues about the whereabouts of Gray. Honestly this had to be one of my favorite chapters, not just post timeskip, but in general. Sabertooth is easily the best guild to me after FT because the characters are either badass, sexy, or just likeable in general... but anyway after Yukino and Lucy encounter, Sting's fatass-turned-skinny debut, and Natsu ordering Minerva to watch over Rogue and Frosch to protect him from his death this slipped my mind; originally Rogue and Minerva and Frosch were going on the mission to destroy Avatar by their selves until Natsu did what Natsu always does and took off with the job but it kind of does make me wonder: how would Rogue and Minerva fare against Avatar? Obviously they've gotten stronger during the time skip but if they were going on mission to eliminate the entire Avatar branch? then must of stupid strong enough to take out Avatar like Team Natsu did which has me hype! +1 for Saber

Just a cool thought to me. Like I said I'm bias to Sabertooth since I always liked Rogue's character and Minerva started to really grow on me, starting with the Sun Village Arc and really has become one of my favorite woman in the series (from her looks to her magic) but still just made me wonder how cool it would be if they took out Avatar and/or how they plan to take out Avatar.

Tell me your thoughts how it would of played out or what would of happened I'm out

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