Yo! So the wiki's been kinda dead so I thought of we could play a classic game that everyone can partake in: KFM!

Firstly this is what KFM stands for:

  • (K)ill
  • (F)ight*
  • (M)arry

*(note: the dirty version of this (F)uck lol you can use this version in your description, I know I will for the females XD)

As according to the acronym, we have 3 characters that you have to choose 1 option for each and why you did! A realllllyyy simple game but this usually ends up pretty funny when you read the everyone's reason to why they chose that certain option lol. I'll lay out the characters for the blog:

For The Guys

Minerva in Succubus Eye

For The Girls

Gajeel coming back from graveyard (6)
Jellal senses Erza's battle
Laxus is fired up

Here's goes mine:

  • I'm definitely Killing Erza, sorry but if I was trapped in a room with her for 24 hours she might kill me with friendship speeches smh
  • I'm fucking Fighting Kagura, have you seen her body? Whenever she's ready I'm ready... That's my only reasoning on that but if it came to a fight I could handle her since she really only uses a sword as a weapon
  • Lastly I'm Marrying Minerva... she's a bitch I get it and we might have hella arguments but she just has a soft spot in my heart, looks good, has a fashion sense so she would know what kind of clothes I would want for our anniversary AND she can cook? Quickest way to a man's heart lol. I agree with Lily: she really would be a good wife

There's mine so shoot with yours. Feel free to do both guys and girls if you're into stuff like that... Enjoy!

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