Yooo what's up wiki? If you're wondering why I'm doing a review it's because Misk is somewhere out there and Wrath is probably sleeping, playing the game, or stalking God Serena's page lol one of the 3 so I thought I'll try out doing my first episode review this week, probably a one time only deal though (maybe) haha. But with no review from last week's episode I'll just combine both reviews for a special double review... cool? Here's goes nothing

Episode 268: Treasure Hunt

I won't hang on too much of this episode since it was, if you didn't know, filler because as you can tell by now the anime team is trying to stretch out the entire 12-13 for Zero, which is cool with me, gotta make that $$$ money somehow! But basically in the episode we got the crew all doing certain stuff and Mavis' comes over to bug all of them (lmao) with Zera telling her she should chill.

Mavis and Zera listen to Warrod

Zera got the look saying "tf I'm not giving you my number"

Then after Yuri and Warrod falls asleep, some random dolphin hops on the ship and takes Mavis underwater and she finds a temple... After grabbing some scuba gear, she goes in the temple, finds a chamber, a fish tries to eat her, Yuri and Warrod come in the clutch to save her, she solves the riddle, and the temple blows up (as always with everything in FT). Mavis fucked up their scuba gear but they ended up finding hella jewels so all is good with everybody... except the scuba gear would of been hella expensive to probably buy more -_-

Mavis takes the Magic Diving Equipment

Animators: Why add Mavis in a swimsuit?
Hiro: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thoughts: All-in-all it was a pretty smooth filler, nothing really to get mad about cause it fit in well with the story, but I would slapped Mavis one time for bothering me but that's me lol.

Score: 9/10

Episode 269: Dances with Blades

Precht and Mavis head out

Mavis being precious and stuff

After sailing for however long, the group finally gets to Hargeon where Mavis is being Mavis, checking everything out cause they've been off the island (good add anime team). After the funny filler, Precht still ain't saying shit and goes off to get clues on Blue Skull which Mavis goes and joins him (I read a fortune cookie before and it said, "always have your loli with you, as good things will come" #lifefacts) So they goto in the park and Precht is being a creep and scaring everybody, cutting down trees, lifting up random girls'skirts etc etc etc (lmao I was crying at the skirt part). Mavis breaks it down to him that he's socially awkward but has a good heart, which Precht probably got happy from, ayeee Mavis making Precht feel better good, good.

Precht and Mavis face Blue Skull

Scene could of been better but whatever

So eventually they got a tip and hit the bar where Blue Skull is hanging at, Precht tries to get info, doesn't and bartender mocks him, Mavis questions the truth behind his words, bar fight breakes out, Mavis goes smart Mavis breaking out the Magic Circle, then goes badass Mavis with the Tenrou Wolf and they get the info that Blue Skull is hiding out in Magnolia. They head for the inn and lo' and behold, everyone's favorite depressed villain shows up: Zeref!

Mavis threatens Blue Skull

Badass Mavis! Good Lawd

Thoughts: Have to admit, the filler was hella well-placed in this episode, like everything flowed smooth as shit! But gotta bump it down one score cause some scenes were shaky but that was going to happen cause... it always happens. Still went along the script with manga and some good/funny moments. All good, all good

Score: 8/10

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