obviously first... SPOLIER ALERT for all anime-only watchers... (updated as of Chapter 468)

But this blog is simple, hiro tweeted that chapter 449 will be a big surprise since it has to do with Mavis and Zeref backstory, which I'm guessing covers most/all of the unknowns we didn't get from FTZero and Chapter 436 when Zeref didn't explain his "relationship" with her. While people go back and forth on shipping them (I'm guilty too), it made me think of what's the biggest mysteries we don't know yet of FT to date, I'll list and break them down:

  • What is or isn't Mavis?

- Fairy Heart, to me seems like it's obviously Mavis real body, but something went wrong after she used Fairy Law and I'm just guessing that Zeref had something to do with her being encased to persevere her body or something, maybe why he wants it..

So now we know what Mavis is: still alive and encased in big ass Lacrima which is Fairy Heart and Zeref wants it because that's his bae to take down Acno. And that the Mavis everyone in FT sees is just an illusion of her. Fair enough. Status: Done Done
  • Why did the dragons disappear on X777?

- This question definitely to me won't be answered till the final arc, but still a mystery. There also seems to be more about Dragon Slayers that we don't know about so I'm looking forward to more about Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy

465 basically shoved all the answers to this question down our throats, still mindblown from it but in summary: The dragons disappeared due to the fact they weren't strong enough to take down Acno in that era and they needed to go to the future where there's more Magic power and stuff, which happened to be July 7th X777. And looks like I was on the DS, all from 400 years in the past... shit crazy O_o. Status: Done Done
  • What did Lucy's mother try to accomplish?

- This question intertwines with One Magic which could be explained in the next chapter, but she seems like a vital part of FT and niggas barely know shit about her. Really can't wait for her backstory...

For now it seems like what she Lucy's mother did was open the gate on July 7th to let Natsu and the other DS come through the gate, but it obviously it feels like she did more but for now this answer is taken care until we get to the whole One Magic stuff. Status: 75% Done Done

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