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  • Ncduru


    January 10, 2018 by Ncduru

    Check out the new discussions tab for topics on FT and the upcoming final anime season. If you're an anonymous user create an account through Fandom and join the conversation by creating your own topics and theories and for what to expect.

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  • Ncduru

    Volume 58, 59, Artbook extras

    December 19, 2016 by Ncduru

    It's been alot of art stuff recently released by Hiro and thought it would be a good idea to make a blog for it

    Volume 58

    • Extras drawings
    • Natsu vs. Mavis OVA HD

    Volume 59

    • Afterstory to Fairies' Christmas
    • Mira/Lucy Interview + Afterword


    • Cover/panels It's mainly color covers from the manga and anime

    All credits to tumblr, mangahelpers. Volume 60 will be released on March 17th. Only thing left is the Christmas OVA to be released, if you find anything though else post it here. Enjoy

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  • Ncduru

    RIP Juvia

    August 30, 2016 by Ncduru
    Just making a blog to commemorate the loss of Juvia Lockser. For the time being she died in Chapter 499 so wanted to pay my respects to her and her best moments in FT from the manga and anime.


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  • Ncduru

    The Erza-Irene Connection

    April 25, 2016 by Ncduru

    I gotta admit first, I never got so badly spoiled as I did this weekend to the point I was blown on Friday night/Saturday morning... but seeing this sexy piece of heaven can make up for it ha

    And one more thing before I start, I know her having some type of important connection to Erza might rub people the wrong way, believe me I get the "random family member that was never mentioned until now for plot relevance" does sound suspect but I can't really bring myself to be mad at it, Erza is a MC so it's not like we were NEVER gonna find out about her fam... so save that rage for Jak's blog cause I don't really care. Funny thing, I remember on the Anna blog Carry pointed out that we might know/find something out about Erza's family in this arc s…

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  • Ncduru

    Greatest Anime Openings

    March 24, 2016 by Ncduru

    So I'm at work, doing work stuff, and while listening to music, a good idea of blog came to my head.... with the FT anime ending tomorrow it made me wonder: what's the greatest/best anime opening? It's hard to say cause most of us started watching anime with DBZ and Pokemon so I can't go any further back like that but I wanted to at least list my favorites, some from the big 4 of anime, some from others



    Literally if you watched the Naruto series from the jump you would know why this is one of the best openings... literally all the years and feels hit you lol it's like you were watching him grow up and become Hokage lol

    Fairy Tail


    It's hard between this and the 1st opening but man... when the beat drops as Natsu is looking st…

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