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Hello to everyone at Fairy Tail Wiki! (I know, it's a bit late, but still)

As the title says, hello! :) I'm Natsumi Thetis, a new-but-not-really user and contributor of Fairy Tail Wiki! You can call me Natsumi or Natsu or maybe Thetis. (but I prefer the first two) I joined here, because I felt to owe you all one, because you've all created great articles and I really like to know everything about the things, what I like. And I'd also like to try my editing and writing skills. Oh, and I'm a music lover. I listen to lots of type of music. (but not every type) Well, here's some basic info about me (quoted from my infobox):

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 160-165 cm

Weight: I never had any problems with my weight (thank godness *-*)

Birthday: April 5th

Hair Color: Light Brown, at summer it has a blonde shade

Eye Color: Brown

If you want more information about me, simply head to my Profile and you can find everything there. Also, I like making new friends, so you can leave a message on my talk page!

That's all for now and again: hi! :)

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