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Natsu11 July 9, 2011 User blog:Natsu11

Hey guys. As I can be easily be confused here, call me "Summer". Some of you might know that there is a social interaction device called "IRC" that can be put in this wiki. For those who are not familiar with IRC, please go here. I can say, it is better than Special:Chat. For it, we will need some things to do. First we will need to make a channel for this wiki called "wikia-fairytail". An admin will need to fill a register form from freenode and BAM! Done! Then all simple jobs that are too easy for us. Tell me what you think about this. Happy Editing!

Also: Those who want to try using IRC, click here: Choose a nickname and write the reCAPTCHA and click connect. I will be there around 15:00 UTC to explain about it.

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