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  • I live in in the realm of the dead.
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is smiling sadistically while humans cry in pain.
  • I am a very horrifying existence.
  • Natsu11


    July 9, 2011 by Natsu11

    Hey guys. As I can be easily be confused here, call me "Summer". Some of you might know that there is a social interaction device called "IRC" that can be put in this wiki. For those who are not familiar with IRC, please go here. I can say, it is better than Special:Chat. For it, we will need some things to do. First we will need to make a channel for this wiki called "wikia-fairytail". An admin will need to fill a register form from freenode and BAM! Done! Then all simple jobs that are too easy for us. Tell me what you think about this. Happy Editing!

    Also: Those who want to try using IRC, click here: C…

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  • Natsu11

    Zeref and Natsu?

    April 16, 2011 by Natsu11

    There are many rumours that Zeref could be a Black Dragon Slayer of the Black Dragon and it might be true! When I was reading Chapter 209, I noticed that Zeref says "You have grown up, Natsu." So, he must have met Natsu before when he was small (when was with Igneel). It could mean that when Igneel and the black dragon met, Zeref and Natsu met. And also seeing how Natsu's scarf, which was given by Igneel, saved him from Zeref's magic... I think you understand. I thought about this for a long time but this could be real (if Mashima wants it to be like this of course). Tell me what you think about this.

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  • Natsu11

    Favourite Story Arc

    March 30, 2011 by Natsu11

    This is a poll for Story Arcs. So vote for your favourite Story Arc

    This poll willl end on April 30, 2011.

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  • Natsu11


    March 21, 2011 by Natsu11

    Many mages have magics but none in reality. So, if you were in their world what magic will you like to have?

    Imagine and Comment!

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