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1. Fairy Girls by BOKU

2. Fairy Tail Blue Mistral by Watanabe Rui

3. Tale of Fairy Tail - Ice Trail by Shirato Yuusuke.

4. Fairy Tail Zero by Mashima Hiro.

Here is the detail:

Fairy Girls

The Fairy Girls story will focus on the two "strongest girls in the world." The series will launch in this year's 12th issue of Kodansha's Magazine Special on November 20.

Fairy Tail Blue Mistral

In Fairy Tail Blue Mistral, Wendy — as a 12-year-old magical girl — will face the secrets of the dragon valley. Weekly Shōnen Magazine also hints that Wendy may find love in this "Episode #0" story. The manga will launch in the September issue of Kodansha's shōjo magazine Nakayoshi on August 2.

Tale of Fairy Tail - Ice Trail

Translation: First Page: Treasuring the words of his master, he's walking towards the West and beyond that- The vast Snowfield of freedom. He's the one to decide the path!! Second Page: Title: This boy's name is. Gray: This looks bad. Third Page: Where the heck am I? Damn, I'm hungry as well. Fourth Page: Man: We've finally caught you up. You should't have escaped! Other man: You will be punished but let's go back home first!

Fairy Tail Zero

First Page: Title: The Fairy inside the core. Fairy Tail's First Master Mavis Vermillion. A Little Girl's life with "Barefoot." The doors of this tail open!!

Second Page: Magic Guild Red "Something" (Too unclear to translate it! We will update it once a better resolution is available!) The little girl reading is Mavis.

Third Page: Guild Master Jiserufu: How longer are you planning to skip your work you bastard? Mavis: I'm sorry. But I already have finished cleaning the guild. Guild Master Jiserufu: Didn't I tell you bastard to clean outside of the guild as well? Mavis:Y...Yes! Guild Master Jiserufu: Damn it! You're such a useless brat! Mavis: Ah!!! Jiserufu: Why is a kid like you reading a book?!

Fourth Page: Other members of the guild: You don't really believe that you can use magic huh? Haha Impossible!!! Impossible!!! Do your job and go clean! Jiserufu: Hey Mavis! Who gave you those beautiful shoes? Mavis: It's you Master Jiserufu Sama! Jiserufu: Exactly! But it seems thought that they don't suit to someone like you! Give it back!.

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