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    Hey, guys! It's Mypetgoat here! As you may have not known, this is my second blog in total because I haven't done so much. And since Halloween is over for you guys, I decided to make this blog for a special occasion. So my questions are:

    What are your most intimidating horror villains you ever known? And which Fairy Tail character would you prefer to fight that villain?

    This time, no pictures OR animation gifs in this blog because I do not want to get nightmares before I wake up. If you want to do this, that's fine as long as it is less frightening to me.

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  • Mypetgoat

    Greetings, users of the Fairy Tail Wiki! This is Mypetgoat. It has been a month since I signed up for the Wikia Community and this is going to be my very first blog for this wiki. I always go to the Villains Wiki very often beside the others such as One Piece, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, etc. And this time, I have been thinking about what everyone would say about their favorite kind of villains. So my question is this: What is your favorite type of villain outside the Fairy Tail universe?

    Here are the choices below:

    • Alien
    • Amoral
    • Anarchist
    • Anti-Hero
    • Anti-Villain
    • Archenemy
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Barbarian
    • Big Bad
    • Bigger Bad
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Cataclysm
    • Charismatic Villains
    • Comedic Villain
    • Complete Monster
    • Conspirator
    • Cosmic Entity
    • Coward
    • Dark Assassin
    • Dark Lord
    • Dr…
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