Hello so the new fairytail episode just came out and i want it to be my first review.

Episode 196: Sins and Sacrifice

I am surprised i didn't cry during this episode! It was so sad T.T

When Millianna rages about never forgiving Jellal, but when Ultear come and bluffs a bit about how she was the one that controlled Jellal and forced him to make the tower of heaven. Hey can't let him have the credit for her evil plot.
Ultear Confessing

Evil Mastermind >:-D

And even though Karuka vowed to kill jellal she stood down.

Okay it think its time for me to stop caring about the minor details. GRAY DIED!!!! (even though i read the manga it still surprises me) why does he have to die -_- why can't it be ichiya!!

P.s. am i the only one that thinks him and elfman are related?

Ichiya, Elfman related?

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How did you like the chapter?

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I know its short >.< TapCana Alberona Chibi17:52,8/23/2014

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