Yo All, MDM here ( ._.)

As you can see from the title .. this week has also been Yaoi-favored .. the lack of fan-service and hardcore-action has left me dry and desperate-

Everyone: Thats what she said.

Well I still thought of making the abridged chapter' upon "Someone Special"'s request .. so if you like it, thank her. If you hate it, all complain comes to me :P

Well without further a due, with all the guys out and Yaoi-FanGirls remaining .. here goes for nothing.

The start of the chapter was great, EPIC GAJEEL IS EPIC!! Now he is in the Rapist-Category with Aizen and Doflamingo.

No Comment ..

He has a point, he is not into Yaoi-Shit ( ._.)

Adult-Education Lesson 54

No comment .. still ..


Still better Love-Story than Twilight

Ok well we have some surprising Comeback .. but again ,, Lily is right

Speaking of Comeback, .. HE IS BACK!!

Wtf .. just wtf .. what is this guy's ability anyways? Time will tell (._.)

and the shit goes down ..



Yep, shitty Abridged chapter for Shitty Chapter. I am not saying this for your sympathy, I know when my abridged chapters suck when they fail to make ME laugh .. Extreme Disapproval

Still, hope it was worth few giggles and thats all I aim for :P Thanks for reading and hoping for some wet-hardcore actions in next chapter..

Everyone: Thats what she said.

( ._.) such supporting audience ..

ok this short abridged chapter is over and MDM is out >_>

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