Ladies and gentlemen, .. TODAY .. is a special day~

Fleet: Awwwww MDM, you remembered Blush ..

Yes, how can I forget? Today is the day in 2006 North Korea reportedly tests its first nuclear device.

Fleet: Extreme Disapproval .. and?

OH OH! Today John Lennon was born ( *^*)

Fleet: He wasn't the ONLY one ( =_=)

OH right, how can I forget? .. Charles Rudolph Walgreen, also known as "the father of the modern drugstore." was ALSO born.

Fleet: .. .. .. (Punches MDM) Its also my B-Day today .. thanku~ *Walks away*

Touche (~ ._.)~ alright .. SO! After a lame chapter and heated arguments on blogs, .. MDM is not exactly someone you want to listen to but give me an ear and eye you can spare. MDM no like tense mood and negativity in the aim in this wiki .. SPECIALLY when it is caused by something FRICTIONAL! SO, MDM will try to fix it with something FRICTIONAL!

DON'T get so happy, .. its not a flash, its just a ABRIDGE I made at whim. Might not be that hilarious or entertaining but as long as I can get few lols and giggles .. I will consider the effort successful. SO, here it is .. hope you enjoy it~

Thats right guys, .. word of the day us "Slut" .. get use to it ..

They get HOTTER and HOTTER with every defeat~

Raven: No "Attack Name Creativity" ..


ST: (covers Finny's eyes) Too much Brazzers ..

*Boys start going wild*

Lucy: That BETTER be a compliment ..

WAIT! ErzaHun .. what are you gonna do?

Erza: Put on my Flame Pants and give speech about non-existing source of powers.

NO NO NO NO NO! Wear something different .. give yourself a makeover .. Wear anything you like.

Erza: Alright~


Erza: OF COURSE! Only THERE a warrior of my caliber meet another warrior ( =_=) It becomes a matter of LIFE and DEATH!!

EVERYONE: Yea ( =_=) Right .. JUST wear something out of the world .. nothing mainstream, no pants of fire, no party plans after the battle and NO show of desperateness for your own wedding. Just go NATURAL~

Erza: Natural .. oh, alright~

Everyone: *backs away* No thanks .. You look fine just the way you are.

ALRIGHT! That was IT! Hope you likes it .. If you didn't, DON'T take it out on someone else .. we have comment section right below. Thanks for reading and hope to see more smiles around. Peace and Chaos <3

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