Yo All Exposed Beings from the Nude side of Mars (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Greeting from MD-

(A bull comes running on the stage and throwing MDM off the stage strieght into a pool full of 1000 cobras and 100 sharks)

????: That will keep him busy for while!

(Four shaded figures walk on the stage.)

Choko: I ain't a shaded man >:( I am Choko and today I will HOST this blog \(*^*)/

Minty: Hey, where are your manners? Ladies First .. I am doing the HOSTING! (ಠ⌣ಠ)

Kakarot: Whoa whoa whoa .. I am the SUPERSTAR of this wiki so its obvious that I will do the hosting ;) ̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•_•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿

Chaos: I am genderless.

Minty: Intresting input Chaos, now .. lets review today's chapter but with MDM's abridged content. Choko, get the slides~

Choko: >:( No one orders me around-

Minty: DO IT!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡

Choko: hai! ( _ _)

Minty: First up is the Title Page dedicated to MEGA for this marriege (*^*) See? Mashims does care about his fans ..

Kakarot: Not sure if Mega will like this wedding gift ..

Chaos: Poor Kagura, her feelings must be hurt ..

Minty: Hmmm, 1 weak of being absolute naked .. Lucy is planning to set a world record here (*^*) Well, there is something really "record setting" going on the other side of the battle ..

Choko: Kids are warned, the follwing scene is very much resembled to "Rape Scene" shown in hentai .. be prepared .. lotion is optional =_=


(After 2 hours of constant torutre MDM was fourced to re-do this page and make it cucumber-friendly)

God: Ah! The Sweet Taste of satisfacation .. Your, life will be spared when I become the admin on this wiki!


(MDM is against hit in head and dragged and thrown in a bottemless pit)

Chaos: Is he gone? .. Is it safe to come out?

Kakarot: Yes, .. But .. just for the sake of spreading positive awareness against rape .. the LONG AWAITED HERO OF FAIRY TAIL FAN-GIRLS COMES TO RESCURE ERZA!!!


Carrot: (Drooling Tsunamis) Mah hero~

Red: Not, mah hero ..

Carrot: .. how about we, Share?

Red: Sounds golden!

(Two hopeless fangirls hope away toward the setting sun holding the pic of Jellal)

Choko: T^T Why do frictional characters get all the goos stuff? NO FAIR! DAMN YOU JELLAL!! WHY?!?!?

Kakarot: Well, thats how it always been Choko .. but don't let it make you feel down .. MOVING ON TO THE NEXT NEWS .. lets hear from out weather expert Minty .. Minty, how is the weather there?

(Minty from 3 feet away)

Minty: Its clowly and there is possiblity of Naked Lucy Shower .. this is a one rain that No perv would want to miss :)

Prime: It may be hard for me to admit, .. But I DID CATCH DAT RAIN!

Minty: I am surrounded by pervs >_> moving on to the developing love story between Lucy and Natsu!

Rem: I like where this is going, .. go on~

Rai: HEY!! Pardon me while I take a little Pride in that compliment ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Choko: Papa, slow~ moving on (._.)/

Nalu: ALRIGHT LADIES of NALU Club, get yer banners and cheers ready cause natsu and Lucy are GOING ALL OUT TONIGHT!

(Rebalious Crowd of NALI fans being apeshit to express their joy)

God: Just as planned.

God: WTF, I didn't plan this .. EXECUTE THAT LAME CUCUMBER-HATING MDM AT ONCE for making something against my plan =_=

Choko: ROGER THAT! (picks up his chainsaw and jumps in the bottemless pit where MDM's thrown)

Minty: One down, Two more to go =_= Well, for the closing pannel ..

Kakarot: Indeed, she has alot to learn .. Tell'am Chaos!

Chaos: I am genderless.

God: Just as planned.

Minty: ( _ _) Ok, this blog is OVER ..

IH: .. .. (fixes his throte and his pose) Everyone .. GTFO!! (ノಠ益ಠ)︵(\ .o.)\

Sorry, guys .. I am bit off with the humor this time ( _ _) this chapter itself was quite funny to make it more funny was like asking me to surpass Meshima's humor .. IMPOSSIBLE!! So hope you liked it and comment and complain are always welcome .. but direct them to TOSHI >:( Cya~

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