Yo All, .. and Chaos-chama.

MDM here and as the title states .. LET'S RANT!! Yes, complain to your heart's content and rant like you hate everything! .. I might need Prime's help for that ( ._.)

If Hiro keeps making chapters so obvious to predict and fights so mainstream, we have THE RIGHT TO RANT!! >:(

Hiro, ..

Y U NO get Erza some new Armors?

Y U NO show some legit bloodshed?

Y U NO draw chapters without any crying character init?

Y U NO-.. well I have too much to complain ( ._.) lets get rolling ..

.. so I tried making the ABRIDGED CHAPTER for this chap .. but success was a tough bitch to handle this week =_= .. I sound like a Brown Pimp .. not legit >_>

Let me give you a bit sample of what I created and later deleted ..

So here is where the Drama starts ..

WHERE DID ALL THAT EPICNESS SURROUNDING KAGURA GO FROM END OF LAST CHAPTER?!?! for once I thought that Kagura will make a sis-in-law due to her Grand performance in last chapter but here .. looking like all that screaming made her little weak .. >_> Woman .. if you get tired from some screaming .., not sure if you can handle Mega then :P

.. .. lame-adult joke .. .. ok moving on ( ._.) ..

Yes .. out of jokes and writing pathetic jokes is my new thing .. U MAD?!?!

.. .. ok I accept .. thats terrible .. I mean .. this stuff is suppose to make me laugh before you .. but I had a straight face while making these so that proves their lameness level ..

Even Erza .. it was one of those boring performance that I would rant about regardless my never-ending love her .. I mean check out her new ARMOR

.. lame, mainstream and overused .. even My Willy is not impressed :(

.. more lame adult-jokes .. moving on ..

Well Erza's Counter-Attack to Kagura was lame too >_> swing a sword and the girl jumps a flip .. where the hell is the badassness? .. I mean you can even add some cucumbers to the action ..



Ok, ..GIVEN! .. my Cucumber art is still terrible .. AT LEAST AI TRIED!! but there was one Nice humor moment for me in this chapter ..

Lol, .. Yuri .. I man not read that shit but I know one when I see it :P

.. btw .. any thoughts on Erza's little childhood story? .. for me it has "PEDO-TREASURE-HUNT" written all over it ( ._.) maybe its just me ..

.. .. what happened later is too mature content for the young audience of this wiki =_= .. go back to your room and watch Dora the Explora or something ..


well Moral of the Chapter .. "Ranters gonna Rant" .. so go on everyone .. Rant about everything you hate about this chapter, this arc, the characters, the lack of fan-service, mdm, FT wiki, IH's accent(if he got one) .. ANYTHING!! Lets complain about the "Bitch" yes .. thats her official name since even Hiro uses it ( ._.) or lets just say I am too lazy to type her real name ..


ok .. not one of my best joke but still was worth it .. .. but lets ignore the stabbing part .. lets look closely at ma bro Mega's ever-growing investment ..

.. dammit, where is Rai when you need him? >_>

.. ok bullshit aside .. end of this shitty blog ( ._.) I can't believe I even made it .. I feel so low .. little lower and I might reach as low as this chapter WAS!!

FT WIKI: (no one gives a shit)

.. Tough Crowd =_=

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