Yo All ( ^_^)/

Been while, .. was caught in mixer of complicated life-schedule and study. BUT! I'm finally FREE!

WHICH brings me to today's FT chapter in which Queen of Titania Land and my friction-wife Erza make her debut after the time-skip. THIS historic moment calls for a abridged celebration!

Many things have changed during the time-skip .. the guys have taken a more serious personalities while the women have given their bodies much elegant curves. All in all, the progress is satisfying .. except maybe Happy ..

Once a naked cat without shame, always a naked cat without shame!

While our Yukino-cha took the lady avatar ..


Natsu also became a hot-headed monster that matched the strength of pre time-skip Gildartz .. for me, the showcase of his strength so far is very amusing :3

and Lucy too .. in some ways ( >_>)

.. well, past is gone .. Here is the abridged of today's chapter .. hope you like it ..

.. thou I still don't understand why Luvy still has the Virgo's mail outfit when Vigro is not even there to power it >_> maybe Mashima is really into maids ..

Thou team Avatar is on different trip ..

.. OH oh .. and guess what Mshima just invented in today's chapter?

IPHONE 8!! Thou some are just misusing the technology ..






ok, I'm done dragging this anymore ( ._.)/ Out of humor ..

Thats it! I'm outta here before I spray out anymore humorless jokes~


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