Yo All ( *-*)/ did you hear the GOOD NEWS???

FT ANIME!! Yes, our very own Fairy Tail Anime WILL CONTINUE ON FEBRUARY 30, 2014!!

I am SO EXITED!! How about you Fairy Tail wiki? you exited??

Logo Fairy Tail left

.. .. .. .. .. Screw you 凸(ಠ益ಠ)凸

Oh, so you figured it out >_> .. IT WAS WORTH A TRY!! >:(


(Hovers his cursor over MDM's ban button)
I wanna try something too~ (ಠ⌣ಠ)

Ok, now moving on to what I really wrote this blog for >_> .. This week's chapter was sort of let-down .. I am sure 47% of FT wiki agrees with me on that (ಠ_ಠ) right?

Logo Fairy Tail left

Don't drag me down to your level, B!+ch I AM FABULOUS

She still loves me~ she is just too shy to admit it (¬‿¬)

Now .. to make this little let-down week into something to give a damn about .. I decided ask you all THE MOST OBVIOUS QUESTION that we .. the Proud .. Noble .. Amazing .. Partly-Perverted .. YET AWESOME FT WIKI MEMBERS can think of ..

What is your favorite magic in Fairy tail?


WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS OBVIOUS A$$ QUESTION?!?! BTW, when are you gonna pay me for using my dialogues template? Its $500 per use ..

In Mexican currency?? O_O


OK! Everyone .. HOLD IT! Its my time to speak .. its my time to make the Joke .. its my time to SHINE!! \(*^*)/

Moving on ( ~._.)~ any obvious question about this Obvious question I asked?


.. so, did he GRAB dat ass? or like slapped it really hard? I mean WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS QUESTION?? HOW COULD YOU ASK SUCH NONSENSE QUESTION?? You are DEAD to me son .. DEAD!!

COME ON GUYS! ( ._.) I did my share of research to find out if anyone else has made this blog in near future but I didn't find much >_> I AM INNOCENT! Jesus is watching me from above and KNOWS I AM PURE!! Can I get a Amen??


(In best possible Black Woman's voice having lewd Orgasam)

(Rai begins his ritual dance)

Praise my name Foolish Mortal, .. SAY IT LOUDER!!


(Starts eating her popcorn)

Since Bed is out of question, how about sharing this popcorn? (ಠ⌣ಠ)


(Walks away eating her popcorn)

.. Heartless but STILL WUV YOU! Ok guys, enough of this bullshit .. this was IT! Just answer the GOD DAMN question .. Whats your favorite FT magic? and if possible .. give a reason ..

Ok, now for some silly creations of mine that I created out of boredom but was too shamed to make an abridged chapter >_> .. you were WARNED .. like every time~

Lets start with some hardcore porn ..

Moving on to Lucy being useful .. regardless of being a blond ...

The Princess has inherited her father's traits .. FOR BEING ABSOLUTELY USELESS!

Now you will all understand why Lector was hiding for all these chapters >_>


not the EXACTLY the way we imagined but meh >_>


OK GUYS, thats all .. comment your opinion and BE SURE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION!

This boring blog is FINALLY over and MDM is out~

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